Technology Integration

Your space will perform better than you ever thought possible with our method of technology integration. Maximize available real estate, get the functionality you need and keep your technology secure. The best part? Your space becomes future proof and helps you attract and retain key talent.

Bring your space to life

Integrating technology within your space is a clever enrichment strategy. Not only does it help create opportunities for collaboration, it conveniently centralizes operations and encourages engagement from employees and visitors alike. It also minimizes clutter to create a space that truly reflects your brand and values.

Control panels

Collaborative spaces

Enriching experiences

Attract and retain top talent

Enhance communication, increase collaboration and attract and retain top people with a state-of-the-art space that adapts to ongoing change. By integrating the exact tools you need, your space helps support the fulfillment of your business strategy. Elements such as integrated security systems, learning difference tools in classrooms, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment or touch-screen patient charts send a message to employees and guests alike. By integrating technology into our solutions you have the platform to enhance service delivery, meet diverse goals and stay competitive over the long-term.


Staying current is critical when you’re in an industry that relies heavily on technology, such as healthcare and education. Our solutions are product neutral, so you can embed or externally mount any type of new or existing technology. By embedding items such as TVs, touch-screen boards, medical equipment and learning tools in the wall cavity, they stay secure, save space and are easier to clean. Technology is still accessible by facilities teams, for minimally-disruptive updates and maintenance. Be confident with a space you know will never become obsolete.