Rapid Manufacturing

Our lean manufacturing approach improves your bottom line with rapid lead times, clean installations and quality solutions that look and function precisely as you need them to. Our model combines decentralized production facilities, technology-driven processes and continuous innovation to achieve unmatched results.

Speed with ICE® technology

Our rapid lead times are made possible through our ICE® software. The name ICE comes from its ability to melt into other software, including CNC machine technology and design programs such as Revit® and AutoCAD®. With ICE, a direct feed of your project information can be sent to any of our production facilities in North America. The speed and precision of this information means fewer personnel are required to produce your solutions, increasing certainty the job will be delivered without error.

Local teams

We work with a wide network of DIRTT partners throughout North America. These partner teams include local certified installers that operate as scheduled sub-trades to your general contractor. You’ll always have someone on the ground to answer questions, find solutions and interact with other trades if needed. We also welcome the use of Customer’s Own Materials (COM) for items such as glass, providing an option to engage local suppliers.

Compress your build schedule

Manufactured to your specifications, your solutions arrive finished and ready for installation by local DIRTT-certified teams. Our approach to interior construction significantly reduces installation time and allows other trades to keep working on site with minimal disruption. Projects are completed on or before schedule without sacrificing quality, safety or the environment.