Integrated Approach

We use ICE®, our 3D visual design and specification software to take your project from initial design through to manufacturing and delivery. Working with the technologies and systems you already have in place, our software helps streamline workflows for a more efficient and seamless build.

Improve your workflow

The systems and technologies you have in place remain front and center for your team, while our ICE® software blends seamlessly in. Interactive 3D visuals of your project are created and translated into full pricing and manufacturing data for production. All aspects, from design and pricing to specifying, manufacturing and installation, are tracked and managed through one intuitive platform. Your team stays well-informed and in control at every step.

Visually enhance communication

If seeing is believing, our approach ensures your key stakeholders will truly understand your project without having to decipher line drawings or site plans. Our ICE® software creates true-to-life interactive 3D layouts from scratch and can integrate with existing platforms including Revit® and AutoCAD®. Changes to any aspect of a design can be made instantly in ICE, while pricing, data and schedules are created simultaneously. With full visual understanding, design decisions can be made confidently with concerns addressed before they become problems.

Eliminate costly uncertainties

As you design your space, our ICE® software turns plans into production information for our facilities. The visual platform ensures the design is exactly what everyone expects. Pricing is calculated to the penny in real time, with no contingency fees. Your solutions are produced to exact specifications in our controlled factory settings, then delivered and installed in accordance with your building schedule. Accurate budgeting and timelines are determined early.