Design Freedom

Experience the freedom of self-expression and create interiors exactly how you imagine them. The parametric nature of our solutions lets you create distinct spaces regardless of scale, scope or industry. Projects with wide parameters, unique angles, specific finishes, complex building challenges, sustainability mandates and bespoke elements can all be fully accommodated.

Countless surfaces & finishes

Our beautiful and environmentally thoughtful palette includes award-winning fabrics, films, glass, veneers, water-based stains, lacquers and paints. Design to your heart’s content.

Finishes Collection

Customer’s Own Materials (COM)

You have the option to include Customer’s Own Materials (COM) such as glass, textiles, finishes and other supplied items in your design. To ensure the integrity of your COM we test it before using it within our solution to ensure it will perform to your needs and meet our manufacturing quality standards.

Design consistency

Our solutions are made-to-measure in a controlled factory setting that guarantees a consistent fit and finish for your unique conditions. This becomes especially useful when multiple locations require the same aesthetic or when additions and changes made at a later date must cleanly integrate with an existing space.

Patient-centered design for healthcare

Our tailored interior solutions help you deliver the highest level of care to your patients and their families, in a warm and welcoming environment. Our holistic and patient-centered design approach balances medical needs with personal factors such as patient demographics and family situations. With the reality that funding depends more and more on patient satisfaction and outcomes, we give you maximum design freedom to build environments that truly support healing and health. Sensitive to the connection between the body, mind and spirit in the recovery process, you can incorporate natural light, positive distraction imagery, ergonomic features and personal touches to ensure your patient’s comfort and well-being.

User-focused design for education

Use our interior solutions to create an environment that elevates academic performance and outcomes. The relationship between our built environment and the way we interact within it is complex, especially in learning environments. Now more than ever, educators and students want to shape the look of their environment and how it functions. To enable that, user requirements are considered right from the start and are integrated at all stages of the design process. The result is a space that seamlessly supports the needs of diverse groups with acoustics management, integrated technology, ample natural light, writable surfaces and anything else you need.

Bespoke configurations

If you envision it, we’ll build it—it’s that simple. Our solutions do not come in standard sizes, shapes or layouts. They are made-to-measure according to your unique needs so your space looks, feels and functions exactly the way you imagined it.

Combination Wall
Faceted Wall
Variable Height Wall
Integrated Technology
Combination Wall
Mix tile sizes, finishes and styles to achieve the look, feel and function you require.