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Your ears will thank you

Sometimes you need a place to escape. Ahh, is that the sweet sound of silence in an otherwise busy office? Or maybe it’s a space for something lively. A party zone filled with energy and boisterous conversation... But you don’t want to disturb someone in the next room. Or a place for healing with specific needs to reduce sound transfer. 

What you need and want what you want

Acoustics are a key element of any space. How do you build a space with the acoustic performance you expect? Like all things DIRTT, acoustics should be talked about early. If there are code requirements, like in a healthcare environment, DIRTT works with your team and any project consultants to ensure your space meets those specifications. But for other environments, how do you know what you need? What should be in the walls? Or what shouldn’t be? What about the ceiling and sound transfer through the plenum?

We hear you

It all starts with a conversation. Grab a coffee (or your beverage of choice), pull up a chair, and let’s talk. Are you an acoustics expert? Great! We can’t wait to collaborate. Have no idea about acoustics? That’s okay too! (Fret not, you can breathe that sigh of relief now). We’re here to make this a smooth process for you. 

Most of the time, acoustics has to do with speech privacy. Can you hear the conversation in the next room? Does it need to be totally private? Or would it be okay if you heard voices on the other side of the wall, but couldn’t make out what they were saying? These are the type of questions we’ll ask, so you get the most value out of your space. And balance your budget with your needs. 

Time to get holistic

We take a holistic approach to acoustical management. It’s the walls, yes. But it’s also the ceiling. It’s the doors. And all the seams and edges where everything connects. Your walls can be incredibly sound-proof, but if we don’t take care of sound transfer overhead, we’ve missed the point. So, we look at everything as a whole and make sure it adds up. 

"Me Time" at DIRTT Chicago "Me Time" at DIRTT Chicago

How we do it in Chicago

Visitors to DIRTT Connext 2018 in Chicago will see the latest and greatest to come out of DIRTT. Areas to explore include a space we like to call “Me Time”. It illustrates what could be a quiet meditation space, a focus pod, a place for conversation, or any space where acoustics are particularly important. 

  • A bespoke ceiling amps up the aesthetic. DIRTT’s custom ceiling tiles are more elegant than conventional. But the bonus? The acoustic properties. 
  • The room features DIRTT’s new acoustical barn door. It’s designed to allow for seals along all four sides. And that means more robust acoustics. 
  • The acoustical properties of DIRTT’s walls on their own are just as robust as conventional construction.
Bespoke ceiling Bespoke ceiling
Fabric-wrapped wall tiles Fabric-wrapped wall tiles
Acoustical barn door Acoustical barn door

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