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Your complete interior environment… and then some.

This isn’t another movable wall. It’s a complete environment. Your bespoke ceilings. Your millwork. The power and networks with access floor to connect everything. A timber frame mezzanine. Adaptability and changes made easy. Exactly the way you want it. We’ve got you covered.

How? DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. That technology is our own ICE® software. It generates instant pricing and manufacturing data for construction projects. All while you explore in 3D or virtual reality. Nothing about this is off-the-shelf. It’s pre-manufactured at its best – completely tailored to you.


Tailored to you

With ICE on our side, we can create a space that suits your every need. What kind of technology does your space need? You choose the tech and we can do the rest. Include a television behind glass and transform it into a touch screen. Perhaps you’d like some custom millwork? Even integrate your state-of-the-art medical equipment. Every element is planned for in ICE and arrives on site ready to go. No cutting, hacking, or figuring things out on install day. 

Acoustic touch panel Acoustic touch panel
Integrated charging station Integrated charging station
Integrate control panels Integrate control panels
Integrated touch screen // Custom millwork Integrated touch screen // Custom millwork

It's what's on the inside

Everything in your walls is pre-assembled in a factory. That means the jobsite stays clean and the build is fast and efficient. And you know the saying, it’s what’s on the inside that counts? That goes for your walls, too. Customize to your heart’s content. And never worry a moment about how long custom takes, because ICE optimizes every phase of construction and you stay on schedule.

Your walls can do the heavy lifting. Flex gas included.

Those lucky enough to snag a tour at DIRTT Connext 2018 will see DIRTT Flex Gas for healthcare environments. This is our proprietary, flexible and safer alternative to traditional copper medical gas systems, and it’s faster to install. Longterm maintenance and changes are more efficient. It arrives on site ready to connect.

DIRTT Flex gas DIRTT Flex gas

So efficient, your wallet might thank you

Integrate what you like into your pre-manufactured walls to optimize construction. In one recent project, using DIRTT to build their healthcare space - including DIRTT Flex gas - saved so much money that the client’s budget could include the addition of two more medical headwalls, plus millwork, Corning® Willow® Glass artwork and curtain walls.

Sometimes the magic is in the walls themselves

One of the crowd favourites from DIRTT Connext 2017 was Leaf™ – DIRTT’s innovative and sustainable answer to a folding wall. It works with any DIRTT wall – new or existing – to close off or liberate a space with ease. 

At DIRTT Connext 2018, we show even more possibilities of Leaf. It embraces endless finishes and even supports integrated technology. This particular Leaf wall mixes powdercoats, graphics, glass and custom finishes. We’ve even included different types of DIRTT walls to show how flexible the solution is. Oh, the versatility!

Leaf Folding Wall Leaf Folding Wall
Mix of finishes & materials Mix of finishes & materials

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