What does your Local DIRTT Partner team do for you?

Your local DIRTT experts are your partner every step of the way, acting as a design-assist and multi-trade sub-contractor. They're here to help you harness the many cost, schedule and performance benefits of the DIRTT integrated prefab construction method.

  • Pre-construction services to develop construction efficiencies early
  • Design-assist with proprietary ICE® software
  • Instant, real-time and exact project budgeting
  • Interactive 3D visualizations for all stakeholders
  • Coordination with general contractors and fellow sub-trades
  • Logistics and installation
  • Sourcing with local vendors
  • Renovations and maintenance

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Our Head DIRTTbag's Message:

The Importance of DIRTT Partners

Right from inception, the DIRTT vision was to implement a Whole New Idea. We came into being to create a client experience unlike anything conventional construction has ever seen. For that to happen, we needed you to have a local team you could rely on. After all, construction, no matter how improved, is still an event that requires a deep level of responsibility and responsiveness. That is why we chose Local DIRTT Partners who would invest in a robust team to serve you inside your community.

But that is just part of the story. Lots of companies have local teams. It often just means you have a middleman to deal with. Not here.

Your Local DIRTT Partner team has the patented technology platform for complete access to the pricing, engineering and even manufacturing of your design at the DIRTT factories. They are able to give you exact answers to your questions while you ideate and modify your design, in real-time 3D, with your team. Your design and that technology controls the machines on the production floor at all the DIRTT facilities. This ain’t no middleman.

You are considering DIRTT right now because you want to build better. To do that, you need a local and skilled team to ensure you see all the efficiencies and savings promised in using this method of construction. That is what your Local DIRTT Partner is here to do for you.

They provide pre-construction services, design support, project planning, budgeting, logistics, management and on-going service. An even greater challenge: They provide the education and support of the local general contractors, Architects, Designers and engineers to ensure the maximum benefits of the entire process.

This Whole New Idea demands a completely different thought process and disciplines that could not be found anywhere in the conventional construction or Architectural and Design profession. Hence the creation of the Local DIRTT Partner network. They are absolutely vital to the success of DIRTT and more importantly, the best outcomes for your project.

Over the past 13 years, DIRTT developed a network of Regional Partners who invested over 300 million dollars (the annual financial commitment is expanding every year as the idea takes hold) in building and training a Team of People who are specifically dedicated to the DIRTT Program.

DIRTT continually invests in the support of our Partners as the effectiveness of their execution is absolutely the driving force for sustaining our long-term growth and success.

I know you will discover their participation in your project provides you with savings and better-than-expected results along with a team you will consider your own Partner Team.

Mogens Smed
Head DIRTTbag