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  • a method of designing and building interior spaces that defies convention, maximizes flexibility and minimizes impact on the environment
"you should look to dirtt to meet and even exceed your interior construction needs"
synonyms: innovative, smart, trailblazing leader


"let us take a dirtt approach for our next project"
progressive, innovative, unconventional, confident, focused, daring, revolutionary, inspiring, enterprising, unorthodox

Our Story

DIRTT. Odd name? It all begins with three wildly diverse and talented minds that shared the unquenchable desire to prove interiors can be built smarter, faster, more beautifully and with less waste than ever before. 

Mogens Smed (the serial entrepreneur), Barrie Loberg (the tech genius) and Geoff Gosling (the academic turned industrial product designer) came together to found DIRTT Environmental Solutions in 2004. Initially seen as a questionable name for a company, DIRTT soon became synonymous with what it stood for: Doing It Right This Time.

  • Entrepreneur
    "a revolution is taking place within interior construction"
    - Mogens Smed, Entrepreneur
  • Techie
    "3D visualization, integrated into intelligent systems"
    - Barrie Loberg, Techie
  • Designer
    "smart, modular structures, that interact with ease"
    - Geoff Gosling, Designer

Doing It Right This Time means many things: using technology to manufacture beautiful, custom prefab interiors; designing for the longevity and flexibility to outlast building lifecycles; bringing manufacturing back to North America; saying yes and creating solutions no else thinks are possible; foregoing traditional norms. And this is all while living and breathing sustainability at every moment and at every level.

While Barrie developed the industry-changing ICE® 3D design and specification software, Mogens’ knowledge of cabinetry and construction blended with Geoff’s innovative ability to create rule-bending solutions with incredible functionality. Propelled into uncharted territory with ICE®, we quickly became the first company in the world able to produce custom interiors as a standard practice using fewer resources than typical manufacturers.

Commercial sales of our custom, pre-engineered solutions began in May 2005 and though we challenge the rules on conventional wisdom, we’ve been onward and upward since. Today our suite of solutions include walls, millwork, power, networks, ceilings, doors and flooring, always manufactured with minimal waste and custom to suit any aesthetic.

Our solutions are found in any application within any industry, from critical care healthcare facilities in the Middle East to kindergarten schools in Alaska to commercial offices in more than 180 Fortune 500 companies. Our unconventional approach and the results it produces have been recognized with numerous accolades and more than 25 awards to date.

We completed DIRTT's Initial Public Offering on November 28, 2013, now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol (DRT). We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with four manufacturing facilities and Green Learning Centers strategically located throughout North America and the UK. Our extensive network of Local DIRTT Partners around the globe continues to grow.