DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors. DIRTT combines its proprietary ICE® 3D design, configuration and manufacturing software with integrated in-house manufacturing of its innovative prefabricated interior construction solutions and an extensive Distribution Partner network across two continents. DIRTT is underpinned by a strong entrepreneurial culture and provides a unique, end-to-end customer solution for the inefficient and fragmented construction industry.

There's a better way to build.
We're working to create a positive shift in the construction industry by placing as much value on the environment and people as we do on beautiful and functional design. We use technology to create custom prefab interiors with minimal waste, fast lead times and a precise fit and finish. By giving you complete design freedom, your space looks, feels and functions not only how you imagined it, but even better than you thought possible. This is construction you can feel good about.

Our founders were set on improving the way people live and work by building the most beautiful, cost-effective and sustainable interior spaces they'd ever seen. The moment that belief crystallized into a reality, our company was born and along with it, DIRTT's Build better™ philosophy. Our name and approach is our promise, not only to our clients but to our stakeholders and planet. Our name and philosophy have defined our company's trajectory from the start and influences everything we do. Every decision. Every step. Every experience is proof of our philosophy in action. Sometimes it's messy. Sometimes it pushes us to the limit. But as a company and as individuals, living by this philosophy unites us. It keeps us accountable and lights up our path to new and better ways of doing things. Most of all, it gives us courage to pursue whatever comes next. And, trust in new ideas and relationships to take us farther than we've ever been before.

How we do what we do

  • Technology
    By leveraging and creating new technology like ICE®, you can see your space in 3D before it’s built without having to interpret installation drawings.
  • People
    We employ the best in the business. Our people are passionate about building a culture that creates a positive workplace and smarter interior solutions to make your life better.
  • Innovation
    Through constant innovation, we are able to turn ideas into solutions that resolve your most pressing real-world building challenges.
  • Experience
    Qualified and skilled, our team provides the kind of service and solutions you need to stay ahead of constant change.

Technology is the key to our construction method. Our patented ICE® software integrates construction processes from design and sales to specifying, engineering and manufacturing through to delivery, installation and reconfigurations. Its 3D graphic interface lets teams plan and visualize a space right down to the smallest detail so everyone is well informed. Full manufacturing information is simultaneously created in the background. Pricing is calculated to the penny, so budgeting and scheduling is accurate and available in real-time. All parts are manufactured to precise standards and are tested and inspected in our controlled factory setting prior to arriving on your site. Once delivered, certified technicians install your space cleanly and efficiently so you can move in on or before schedule.

Our Clients

You are our inspiration. From commercial, healthcare, education and government environments to retail, hospitality and residential spaces — our made-to-order interior solutions are dynamic and unique because they're inspired by you. Our clients range from start-ups to nearly 200 Fortune 500 companies. We love meeting your unique goals, no matter your size, real estate or location.